Our First ever Pop-Up shop January 8, 2016 – Posted in: Products, Uncategorized

In collaboration with our good friends Sorry 4 The Blog, we hosted our first ever Pop-up Shop. It was a perfect way to start the New Year, as the event was held on January 1st. The day party and Pop-up shop featured games, food, music and of course many items from our online store. Customers really enjoyed being able to view live alterations as well as engulf themselves in personal yet laid back vibe of the event. With about 200 people in attendance, it had this very fun ,yet ultra-relaxing feel that made it perfectly unique. You could catch people playing beer pong and then casually walking over to purchase an item. We had guest purchase skirts, tell us to hold them, and then gracefully turn up on the dance floor. The event was fun and a great experience, thanks again to Sorry 4 the Blog and all in attendance.

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