Timeless Sequence (sequins) January 21, 2016 – Posted in: Products

From before Christ (B.C.), sequins has been a fashion staple that’s been around making it’s mark in the history books. When we think of Old Hollywood glamour to even today’s contemporary wear, sequins have always had a position in the fashion world. Sequins cease to amaze us with its versatile style and function. In the past, it’s been coined as protective armor and has worked its way to a much less harsh but still fierce scene of fashion.

Sequins have been found sewn onto ancient Egyptians garments, such as those found in King Tut’s tomb when it was discovered in the 1920’s. Historically, sequins were made from gold or metals and has evolved now to a more lighter weight material (vinyl/plastic). Whether it’s on the red carpet, a glamm’d New Years party or you just want the room to light up when you walk into a social function, sequins have proven itself to be a piece that will never be out of style. Donning a sequin ensemble will be a sure way to let people know or at least think you’re royalty. If King Tut rocked it, why can’t you? And that’s what the stylists at MujoSix are aiming for; nothing less than royalty. With that being said, have you gotten the sequin crop top on our site yet? If not, what’s stopping you?


Written @StyledbyMaa/Co-written by @HettyCrocker


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