THE ALL NEW MIDNIGHT BLUE DASHIKI MINI SKIRT December 15, 2015 – Posted in: Dashiki, Products

It was the warmest day I’ve ever witnessed in December, 62 degrees to be exact (I’d say global warming, but that’s a topic for  another day), Monique Brown was the perfect subject and every shot was breathtakingly flawless. The scene was set in Smithfield RI and it was pretty difficult to walk through the magical abyss of overgrown grass and nature, however Mo literally put on her heels and walked through the field like a superhero. When asked to describe her style she simply replied “Comfy cool”.

One of the most interesting parts of the shoot was “We both did not know what to expect it was such a bizarre location, but I think that’s the beauty of creativity, sometimes it just happens” says wale. Monique is an aspiring model and her combination of effortless poses and an amiable disposition seem to be a masterful union for the task. When asked to describe her most memorable moment of the shoot she said “The beef patty……hahah” The seven eleven beef patty just happened to be our mid shoot snack and I totally agree it was super tasty. The Midnight Blue mini skirt can be purchased here on The skirt is 100% high quality ankara fabric improted directly from Nigeria. If you are looking for a beautiful piece at an affordable rate, this is it. Thanks for reading and leave a comment below. Follow both Monique @monibr16 as well as @mujosix  on Instagram. I drove by this area every day for a year and always thought it would be marvelous for a photo shoot, it was so exciting to bring this idea to fruition. Do you love it?

Mujosix mini skirt

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