The Dashiki Stands for a little more than you think March 28, 2016 – Posted in: Dashiki, Products

It is undeniable how captivating the dashiki has become. Interestingly enough the dashiki first became popular in the United States during the 1960’s, The dashiki was worn as a way to protest society’ s disrespect for African Americans. It was a symbol of affirmation, it stood for “black is beautiful,” and signaled a return to African roots, and insistence on full rights in American society. Now its 2016 and the dashiki is back, not only are minorities fighting for equality, but recent events have now manifested into the realization that culture matters and fashion, similar to music, has a way to connect. It has a way to empower, and has a way to unify. The Dashiki, as pretty as it is, stands for a little more than its aesthetic captivation, it stands for cultural acceptance. Now looking cool and making a statement is  what fashion is.


We set out to capture some shots with Benlin Bailey (@yeliabnilneb Instagram) and here are some photos we love. She was a pleasure to work with and her ease with the camera captures just how unique and timeless dashikis are. At Mujosix we tailor the dashiki to be more form fitting for both men and women. For women, we tailor into a dress and for men a well fitting staple pieces. Send us some photos of how you wear your dashiki. Order here

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