NATURAL STYLE WITH NATURAL DELIVERY; A MOTHERS STORY. May 31, 2016 – Posted in: Products, Uncategorized

“My style is the quick ten minute look (Although it can never look this way hahah). I love pulling pieces out my closet and adding statement pieces” says  Pascale Pierre. Mujo Six is all about the statement piece and you will always find  unique and bold items to add to your look. We headed out to her beautiful loft style home in Downtown providence to set up a photo shoot that featured she and her 7 month daughter. ” As a new mother, time is very limited so you need pieces that you can take right out the closet and put together in a very short period of time”. One thing I can say is she really does get ready in well under 10 minutes, pretty fascinating to witness in person. We brought about  four or five pieces and literally told her to have fun. We wanted to capture her in her natural environment and this is what it looks like.


After 42 weeks of pregnancy and a natural delivery with no pain killers, I had to stop and look at the God within me. I looked at myself in a way I never had before. I fell in love with not just my being but the power within my being. I was so tired.  I had my work cut out for me. I was home to my family: my womb was home, my cooking was home, my embrace was home. I spent months distributing my health, my time, my power to my husband and child. I found myself tired again. This time I decided to hit the gym – do whatever it took to feel like me.  even for an hour at a time. I became strong. Taking care of me meant taking care of home. I am hella proud of my audacity to do so. I’m so proud that I choose to wear my power. – it’s not just my clothing or designer, it’s my intention behind it that makes it fashion for me. I love being a mother.




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