About Us


MUJO SIX LLC | is named after both the mother and sister of founder, Wale Alesh. The name was created by combining the first two initials of both their names. The SIX represents the original six pieces sold via Instagram.

MUJO SIX began in the summer of 2015.  MUJO SIX is both an in-house clothing label and a market place for outside designers to sell their own African inspired clothing. We believe fashion is universal and use this brand as a catalyst to represent the beautiful countries and cultures of Africa.

As a child of immigrant parents, Wale is particularly in touch with the Nigerian culture. He believes MUJO SIX serves as both an online store and a platform for cultural acceptance. MUJO SIX brings unique fashion items and serves as a one stop shop for bold prints and patterns. MUJO SIX caters to everyone, offering ready-made and custom pieces.

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